Eastern Mutual Insurance Company Board of Directors

William R. Scrafford

Chairman, Former President of Eastern Mutual Insurance Co.

Allyn P. Wright

Vice Chairman, Independent Forestry Consultant

Kent L. Johnson

President & Treasurer, Eastern Mutual

Valerie A. Davis

Former Vice President & Secretary, Eastern Mutual

Elizabeth J. Friedland

Retired Manager, Schoharie & Schenectady Mutual Insurance Association

Scott T. Jeffers

President, Sauquoit Valley Insurance Company

Fred S. Zeitler

CPA Public Accountant

Alan P. Zuk

Retired Transportation Coordinator, Berne Knox-Westerlo School District

Leslie A. Hallenbeck

Vice President, Secretary

Eastern Mutual Insurance Company Officers

Kent L. Johnson

President, Treasurer

Leslie A. Hallenbeck

Vice President, Secretary

Jacqueline F. Rauf

Assistant Vice President of Marketing

Kelly Carpenter-Gagne

Assistant Secretary

~ The office will be closed for a company event on Thursday, September 23, 2021 ~