Winter Tips to Keep Your Home Safe

Keep your home safe during the winter by taking these easy and inexpensive precautions:

Preventing Frozen Pipes:

  • Insulate Pipes
  • Leave Cupboards Open to Circulate Warm Air
  • When Away from Home for Extended Times-
    • Shut off Water
    • Drain Faucets & Toilets
    • Have Responsible Person Check Residence

Proper Maintenance of Furnace & Wood Stove:

  • Service Furnace Annually
  • Replace Filter Annually
  • Check for Carbon Monoxide
  • Clean Chimney Annually or More—if Used Often
  • Be Sure of Properly Approved installation of Wood Stove
  • Be Sure Venting & Chimney Connections are Properly Done

In the Event of a Claim:

  • Stop Further Damage
  • Call Your Agent to Report a Claim
  • Get Written Estimate
    • Breakdown for Labor & Repairs
  • Provide Estimates to Company
  • Claim Rep Will Contact you…if Any Questions
  • Upon Settlement of Claim, Check Will Be Sent



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